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For websites that I find amusing.

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Friends & Family:

Stuff to do while you pretend to surf the 'Net for "research" on that paper that's due tomorrow:


Nature / Hiking / Backpacking:

  • Yahoo!Groups: BackpackGearTest - A forum for posting impressions and evaluations of backpacking gear provided free by manufacturers. I've been a tester since 2001.
  • - The official website of BackpackGearTest. I helped create the design of the site.
  • The World Heritage List - 754 places (582 cultural, 149 natural and 23 mixed properties in 129 States Parties) of natural beauty, cultural importance, and historic significance. It's a great place to go visit when you need a break!

History / Archaeology:

  • The Diary of Samuel Pepys - Samuel Pepys (pronounced "peeps" - don't ask why) lived in London circa 1660. This is a fascinating glimpse into yesteryear via a relatively normal upper-middle class man.
  • The Doomsday Book - commissioned in December 1085 by William the Conqueror, who invaded England in 1066 and wanted to know more about the people and land he conquered, so he would know how much he could tax them. If you lived in England in 1085, you, your family, land, etc., were recorded in this book. Supposedly I have ancestors in there.
  • USC Regional History Center: Los Angeles: Past, Present, Future

Alternative Energy

  • Carbon Footprint Calculators (they are not all the same!)
    • Calculate your carbon footprint- Mine was 5.25 as of May 2007 (national average = 7.5 tons / year)
    • Another carbon footprint calculator from the EPA - this site calculated mine as 33,279 pound/year or 15 tons/year [metric]!
    • And one more from SafeClimate - this site calculated mine as 2399 lbs./month / 28788 lbs/year or 14 tons/year [metric]!